GONZALO GONZALEZ | Gerente de Proyecto / Arquitecto Asociado 


  • Project Manager / Architectural Associate en la oficina de arquitectura de McCormick con 12 años de experiencia

  • Licenciatura en Arquitectura - Texas Tech El Paso (mayo de 2019)

  • Asociado en Arquitectura de Ciencias, El Paso Community College (diciembre de 2016)

  • Asociado en ciencias CAD / CADD Drafting & amp; Tecnología de diseño, Kaskaskia College (mayo de 2005)

  • Honores: Lista de presidentes de Kaskaskia College (mayo de 2005), Lista de decanos (diciembre de 2004)

  • Consejo Nacional de Juntas de Registro Arquitectónico (NCARB), IDP, AXP


Desde que estaba en la secundaria, mi sueño siempre ha sido ser arquitecto. Cuando crecía solía ver "The Brady Bunch" todos los días después de la escuela y pensaba, "qué gran familia" eran.  Of course I had a great family too, only we struggled a little more than the Brady’s did. I’ve always been interested in architecture and the occupation appealed to me as a great way to earn a living. In high school I started on that path by enrolling in Ysleta Vocational High School and learned the Architectural drafting trade. I excelled in vocational drafting even winning “The Young Designers” award in 1979, a city wide competition and I have never looked back since.

My love for the arts has always been a driving force in my life. Music and Architecture have always been a passion of mine. There was a time in my life when I thought I might be a musician and joined a band. I played guitar, wrote music and did lead vocals for the group and had a brief successful career. By night I would rock the clubs while by day I would intern in my first architectural office. Architecture eventually conquered my heart and I have been blessed with many great opportunities. My family is my biggest motivator these days so when I am not working I am with my family enjoying the “Brady” essence of family life.

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